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Hello, Everyone! I am new to Deviant Art although I have had a couple of previous accounts during my time on this Earth. I am a college student who attends a school across the water and commute everyday. Generally, my main interests formulate around the Arts, including psychical and intellectual.I enjoy Art profusely but have not posted any pieces of my own yet. I plan to do so in the near future. I have past and present (college level experience and instruction) with the use of clay and sculpting, experimenting with a variety of different materials. I enjoy working with a variety of different materials and find it hard to decide, although I've always loved clay and found an interest for plywood. I enjoy Theater for preforming, expressing myself various ways and work on opening myself up more towards others. I am currently writing an intriguing novel with a dark, morbid essences but do not wish to share any until It's published. I have a passion for dancing, Ballet being my favorite form. I am interested in getting to know others such as myself who have a love for Art, any kind that may be.


Current Residence: Neptune
Favourite genre of music: Gothic Symphonic/melodic metal & Music with an eerie essence.
Favourite photographer: Ninnette Nicerson
Favourite style of art: Abstract
Is Age Simply A Number?

I have this strange fear of getting older. Not exactly knowing what I fear when hearing, reading, and thinking about getting older, bothers me profusely. I know I am young and find it silly and even foolish to be worrying about "aging" when I know deep down on some level I clearly am not. I always tell people of my past lives as "Elizabeth Bathory and a happy old woman who gardens". Why I tell people these statements, whether or not they are true, I am not quite sure. I feel entertained when mentioning my ideas on past lives, believing anything is possible. Perhaps speaking of past lives is another way to psychologically aid my worrisome soul about aging. I know no matter how old a human is, it shouldn't be a worry when they age. I know many worry about aging in the concept that they will eventually die, but that is not my worry. Some tell me that its a normal human worry when realizing one is getting older, but I find I worry more than the average person. In fact, I know I am not "normal" in dictionary standards, but at the same time I can have logical reasoning for the way I think about things. Nothing is logical about this worry though, this strong issue and feeling within myself. For it was my twenty-second birthday the other day, and am trying to force the reality that I am very young, to myself.

Any ideas or logic's to help me aid this rather bizarre issue, one that seems to be the strongest worry yet? A worry I cannot recognize or understand why I am having it, if It is not even related to death?

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